Tobias Whetton


A lean, mean, climbing machine in action for over five years. His never-ending enthusiasm and drive, brings the committee together. Fun fact: his hair is so fluffy he can float up the wall if the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Toby Thomas

Vice President

Toby is a water-type, typically found in the gear locker hunting for his carriage clock. He converted to the light side after having a brief stint as a GB rower. Always happy to help, he will instantly make you feel at home, here at KCLMC.

Garston Lam


A wise man said, "It takes great skill to climb a bouldering route". This wise man clearly had not met Garston who can often reach the top hold of a bouldering route without leaving the ground. Having knowledge about the high-life, he does a great job of keeping our funds up!

Clare Green


When Clare isn't climbing she is reading your emails about missing friends. Luckily you can always find friends here at KCLMC and she is a great one to have! Challenge: take a photo where Clare isn't smiling.

Kyung Park

LUBE Secretary

Kyung is the top organiser, and has the rewarding job of handling our London University Bouldering Event. Bright, bubbly and always here to help; she will never let you down! But get ready to run if you ever hear her yell "MOTHER OF GOD!"

Lily Keisler

Team Captain

If, like Lily, you are driven and competitive then there are a number of opportunities to compete during the year. Keen to lead the KCLMC team to success, Lily has more psych than Bedlam.

Kathryn Jones

Trip Secretary

Street name: Katy J. Secretly a massive G. Deals drugs to fund her climbing trips. Loves bird watching, using any climbing gear she can find for camouflage. She lost her hand skin to a crazy guy in the alps. In charge of organising our outdoor events this year along with Colette.

Colette Rusell

Trip Secretary

Small, mighty and straight from the commune. Colette is the ever-resourceful engine behind our trips. She has worked out every logistic. Including how much beer we can fit in a Lupo.

Nicole Branch

Gear & Safety Secretary

A gear-a-holic that is head of our minibus fleet, driving climbers to the crag, and then down to the pub. Nicole has risen in the ranks and has joined our prestigious club after previous experience with the Southampton University Mountaineering Club.

Ross Henry

Social Secretary

A member of our society for 3 years. Long enough to finger-jam his way to the top of the social ladder. You will find him climbing the crag by day and buildings by night. He is also Irish, very Irish, and so charming, he gives you a warm-fuzzy feeling inside.

Kristian Soderstrom

Social Secretary

Kris-Tree-an 2% man-pouch "Cam-dropper" Soderstrom is always somewhere. A man of the world. If you are lost, he will help you find yourself. So if you are questioning the existence of mankind, after a few too many, you are in the right hands.

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