Garston Lam


A wannabe bnoc but actually has 0 friends, only dragon cams. Claims to be a trad enthusiast but too scared to actually climb hard. Here for a good time and a long time. Keen to make this year as enjoyable as possible for everyone. May seem intimidating due to length but please approach.

Helena Vossen

Vice President

An enthusiastic climber who somehow did the deliverance traverse in 2 attempts, in the dark. Helena is tough and nails and can be found smiling whether rain or shine. Keen to help you train hard and climb harder. Probably has a rope kink.

Matt Knight


A keen bean; Matt can always be found out in the wild, a man of many crags he does a great job of making sure we can afford to do what we do.

Dominica De Thomas Wagner


Will always be there to lend a helping hand. Her superb ability to be organised means stuff gets done, but that doesn’™t mean she can’™t get down at The DC. Very humble climber, despite having been more aquatic in the past she regards it as training for her lats so she can stick those sick campus moves.

Daryl Chan Hao Lun

LUBE Secretary

Daryl is head of organising our own run bouldering competition, providing a fun time for loads of clubs like our own to get together and have it out as to who’™s is bigger. (Obviously we have the biggest cams). Daryl is an avid climber himself and can often be found bouldering.

Sacha Salamon White

Team Captain

Sacha has fingers of steel, but when he’™s not busy flashing your project and downgrading everything, he’s getting down at the disco to some techno.

Jana Rae Quahe

Trip Secretary

A big fan of lists, so is great at making sure all your trips go as planned and you don't forget that extra layer or your head torch. Seems to not get cold, even with naked ankles and a minimal number of layers (I think she might be lying tho).

Katie Brightwell

Trip Secretary

Always a hoot, Katie has a joke on hand for any situation so you can laugh the pain of having raw fingers away. Can be quite competitive so I would avoid sock wrestling her.

Ellie Jennings

Gear & Safety Secretary

Top class gear expert Ellie has the important job of looking after our £30000 worth of gear. Don’™t spend too much time with her though, or she might just smile your depression away.

Simran Shah

Social Secretary

A self-proclaimed yoga master who's love of nature extends so far that she trusts them with her life often building her anchors around trees

Nick Lau

Social Secretary

Can be found smashing routes on the moonboard or pints at DC, Nick has temporarily moved to Medway in the hope that some Kent sunshine will quicken the recovery of his knee.

Daria Deluermoz

Alumni Secretary

Sport climbs mostly. Responsible for staying in touch with our older members to keep our network alive. Enjoys knitting and long walks to the crag.

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