London University Bouldering Event

What is LUBE?

LUBE is a student run, not for profit, national bouldering competition. LUBE takes place over 4 rounds at prominent venues across London.

Our ethos

It was started in 2010 by KCLMC in response to the lack of affordable bouldering competitions aimed at student teams. LUBE has come a long way since the initial single round competition to a 4 round annual competition across the Autumn and Winter months. It has become one of the largest, student run, national bouldering competitions.

Who can compete?

LUBE is a national competition open to any university team wishing to compete. Each university can bring up to 8 climbers (with a 3:1 male to female ratio), any additional climbers can be signed up as individuals. If you are interested in competing get into contact with the details given below.

Format of the competition

25 routes are set out and climbers are given three hours to complete as many routes as they can. Top three male and female climbers then compete in a final route. Prizes are awarded to the top three men and women at each round and the overall top three men, women and university teams at the final round.

LUBE 2018 Round Locations

  1. Croywall 19/10/2019
  2. Stronghold 23/11/2019
  3. Yonder 01/02/2020
  4. HarroWall 14/03/2020

LUBE Sponsors

We would like to thank our 2019/20 sponsors below for their support!

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